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As one of the best escort in Delhi, we have asked our female companions to share their first-time job experiences. Some of the escort girls had the best experiences you could imagine and some had a rough beginning in the industry.

My first day on the job

When I was coming to the Mumbai I knew I am going to be an escort. My older sister was a high-class escort girl in Delhi so she made it very easy for me. I came was to make money as a call girl. My sister lived in a beautiful flat on South Delhi among so many beautiful Mayfair boutiques and cafes and I was so excited to have a new life in Delhi. I had profiles in top escort agencies the first day I arrived and my first booking came the next day. My first client was an Russian gentleman and he was gentle and everything last very quickly. Maybe because I could not speak russian at that time he left after 20min, but the agency said he was very happy with me. Now I know I was so young, innocent and new escort girl and this is why I had the advantage over many professional female escorts. So I can tell my first escort experience was a pleasant one and I was so excited to receive $600 for a meeting a man. Of course, later I had all sorts of experience but I can say I was very lucky with my escorting job comparing to other girls I know.

I felt gross

I came to the UK with an image I will be an elite escort girl like Hannah from a ‘Secret diary of a call girl’. Maybe I watched ‘pretty woman’ too many times and I was dreaming of five start hotels, romantic dinners, and charming Indian men. My first day as an escort was one huge disappointment I end up in a flat in East Delhi and had over 10 clients that day. Instead of becoming courtisane I felt like a cheap prostitute charging $50 but receiving half of my fees because the rest went to a flat owner. Being a celebrity in my country I felt depressed to have sex with men who are smelly and vulgar. The next day I was sick but gladly the owner was indian like me and none of the girls were forced to be there. Thinking I had to carry on for some weeks till I got enough money to complete my dream, I met an elite Delhi escort girl who was telling me she charges $700 per hour. I didn’t think that was true but I was introduced to someone who invited me to stay at his place and introduce me to owners of the Delhi escort agencies. Finally, my first client as an elite escort girl was a sweet guy from Italy and he saw me a few nights in a row. As I good remember I made around $15000 and It washed away all bad experience from being a cheap hooker at the beginning.

An emotional first meeting

I was encouraged by a friend on mine to join one of the best Delhi escort agencies. She was doing escorting jobs and gain financial freedom very quickly. When I was watching her dining in a fine restaurant, giving up her daily work and being able to dress in the best shops I had no doubt I want a life like this. Being a native English speaking I was taken on board without having professional photos done and my first meeting was arranged the same evening. I felt excited and very nervous at the same time, so I had a glass of wine before I left. It turned out It was an India man in his fifties and I was going to be his companion for a whole night. We went to one of the member clubs called @#@$ and I was pretending his girlfriend while he was making a connection with other men. To be honest, he didn’t need a girl an all, he was quite feminine but he invited me to his hotel room after we left the club. Overall it was not a bad experience at all, and after paying the fee to the agent I was left with around $1500 which was more than my monthly salary from my office work.

I have learned the lesson

I became an escort to top up my income and I joined a companionship agency which I was told was one of the best escort agencies in the city. I had a call from the agency receptionist that they have clients who would like to meet me somewhere in west Delhi in a private apartment. Being assured this is a regular client I agreed and went to see him. He was an India man who was obscure and treated me like a whore who you can release after 30 min and paying a discounted fee. I was not discouraged and continue my escorting job however I have learned the valuable lesson that day that I can say no to things and clients I do not feel comfortable with.

It was a party job

My first job as an escort girl was one of the best escort experiences. After arriving in Delhi and joining a best escort agencies in Delhi, I received my first job and was told it will be a party job with other escort girls. The client who booked us was a very handsome and rich man who did not want anything sexual from us only to party with him. I was lucky to go there with other girls because they were experienced and told me not to worry about anything. I did not fancy having any drugs but they taught me how to pretend and was so glad that this job was easy. He paid well and I saw him many times after that party and enjoy meeting him since then.

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